When mentioning Mongolia, many readers will think of grasslands and herdsmen, but Ulaanbaatar is a veritable metropolis. In recent years, with the rapid development of the city, high-rise buildings have risen from the ground, and the tourism industry has also sprung up. Generally speaking, where tourists gather, Fengyuechang will also emerge as the times require. There are also nightclubs in Ulaanbaatar.
It is worth noting that sexual services are illegal in Mongolia. Unlike Vietnam or Taiwan, Ulaanbaatar does not have mums or bustards openly soliciting customers, and the nightclubs here are all operating in a low-key manner.
It takes 40 minutes to drive from Buyant-Ukhaa International Airport to the center of Ulaanbaatar. Although there are buses from the airport to the city, the bus station is far from the airport and it takes 10 minutes to walk. It is recommended to take a taxi to the city. The fare is about 25,000 Tugrik, which is not expensive.
Types of nightclubs in Ulaanbaatar
There are mainly three types of nightclubs in Ulaanbaatar,
Erotic massage
The nightclub maps mentioned in the article are summarized below.
Price: 160,000 Tugrik for in-store consumption plus sexual intercourse
Likelihood of sexual intercourse: 70%
Features: You can make fun with the lady in the store
Comprehensive evaluation: ★★★★☆
In the private room of the KTV shop, there are girls who drink, sing and flirt with customers.
If the guest likes the lady, he can negotiate with the lady to go to the hotel. However, unlike KTVs in Taiwan and other places, some girls here will refuse to come on stage. But I feel that it is easier to take the lady out of the store than the Japanese-style KTV in Vietnam.
The author went to a famous KTV “Mongol karaoke”. Take the bus and get off at “Tengis Bus Stop” and walk for 4 minutes.
Store name: Mongol karaoke
Address: WW92+XVH, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
Price: 1 hour package 30,000 Tugrik, sex 130,000 Tugrik
Content: drinking and singing with the lady, going to the guest hotel
The interior decoration is luxurious. At that time, there were more than 10 young ladies in their 20s waiting for the guests. After the author chooses the lady, I go to the spacious private room to drink and sing with the lady.
The author pretended to touch the young lady’s chest by accident, and the young lady had no intention of dodging. After several experiments, there was no exception. I firmly believed that the lady would agree to go to the hotel, so I started negotiating, and finally the lady agreed to go to my hotel with 130,000 tugriks. Compared with the erotic massages mentioned later, the price is very reasonable.
Back at the hotel, the lady is very proactive, and there is no shortage of body licking and oral sex. It took a long time to finish the foreplay, and there was no intention of rushing at all. Had a wonderful intercourse.
Price: Tickets are about 30,000 Tugrik, and the price of sexual intercourse needs to be negotiated
Likelihood of sexual intercourse: 50%
Features: Part-time and regular girls can be found
Comprehensive evaluation: ★★★☆☆
If you are interested in part-time girls, it is recommended to go to an independent shop type club. The author recommends MINT Ulaanbaatar, a club that has just opened and is very popular among tourists.
Store name: MINT Ulaanbaatar
Address: Khan-Uul District, 15 khoroo, Home Plaza 2, Ulaanbaatar 21000
Price: Male customers need to buy tickets of about 30,000 Tugrik
Content: Pick up girls in the store, go to the hotel together
If you’re interested in professional whores, go to clubs in fancy hotels. The girls there will take the initiative to approach men, and the price is about 200,000 Tugrik.
When you go to a club to pick up girls, you must pay attention to your manners, dress and image. Mongolian women pay great attention to their grooming and grooming, and they also like men who are elegant and easygoing.
The club in the hotel CHINGIS KHAAN HOTEL is very good and worth recommending.
Address: Tokyo St 10, Ulaanbaatar 13381, Mongolia
Price: about 312,000 Tugrik for 1 night, about 200,000 Tugrik for sex
Content: Looking for a lady while drinking in the store, meet a lady you like, and negotiate to go to the hotel.
It is worth noting that the quality of local safe sex is low, it is recommended to bring your own.
Erotic massage
Price: 80,000 Tugrik
Likelihood of sexual intercourse: 0
Difficulty: Difficult to find a store
Comprehensive evaluation: ★☆☆☆☆
In Ulaanbaatar’s erotic massage parlor, only masturbation services are provided, no sexual intercourse. But professional quality massage.
Erotic massage parlors are usually located in the basement of hotels, or in run-down apartments near hotels. For the sake of safety, these massage shops do not have eye-catching signs or neon lights, and they are all operating in a semi-public manner. It is difficult for tourists to find shops.
After entering the store, an aunt will take you to the bathroom. Guests lie naked on the bathing platform, and a lady around 30 years old will help you take a bath.
After bathing, you will be taken to the massage room. Then there will be a topless massage lady. After the lady gives a professional massage, she starts masturbating. Guests can also fondle breasts and touch girls (except vaginas). Once ejaculated, the service ends by itself.
The guests cannot choose the lady, basically the lady leads the whole process. The price is 80,000 Tugrik.
For more details, please refer to the experience report of Warring States Warriors.
Tinder looking for girls
Girls can also be found using Tinder. Mongolia is a young country, with residents under the age of 24 accounting for 43% of the total population. Online dating makes it easy to find young women. The author matched more than 30 people within half a day. Among them, some women are active in business and offer to show the price of sexual intercourse. When you don’t meet the girl you like in KTV or club, you can try Tinder.

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