After 2 and a half years, I inspected the Seoul massage brothel Sanghanka (formerly Donut) again.

Since the fourth quarter of last year, South Korea has further relaxed epidemic control. Now, when entering South Korea, you only need to prepare the following documents:

Electronic Travel Approval Form [K-ETA] (need to fill in the address of residence in Korea and upload a head photo);
Log in health information [Q-CODE] online (including 3 doses of vaccine information, etc.).

I prepared my entry documents and finally boarded the flight to Seoul, South Korea again. The plane landed at Incheon Airport in Seoul on time, and I was extremely excited.

After showing the above-mentioned entry documents, I quickly passed the immigration inspection. I took the limited express train AREX to the Seoul Subway Station in 40 minutes, then transferred to the subway and got off at Seonryung Station, and checked into the hotel Ibis Styles Ambassador Seoul Gangnam in the evening.

The room is very tidy and the shower water pressure is sufficient. There are convenience stores 7-11, restaurants, subway stations and bus stations nearby. Transportation and shopping are very convenient.

After a short rest we walked to the massage brothel Sanghanka.

After entering the store, the madam I met warmly received me.

After chatting for a while, I went to take a shower.

After washing, I went to the lounge wearing my yukata.

The waiter came to say hello and asked me what I wanted to drink. I asked for hot tea. The waiter introduced the package, and I chose the 60-minute, one-girl, one-time intercourse, 260,000 Won club package, and told him that I like girls with beautiful looks, slim figures, and plump breasts.

After 10 minutes, the waiter came to call me and took me to the elevator.

Opening the elevator door, Miss No. 28 SEEYOU is waiting in the elevator.

SEEYOU is tall, slender and beautiful. Later we learned that she was the top lady in the store. I was so lucky that I met the top lady easily. It seemed like coming to the store on weekdays was the right choice.

[Inside the elevator]

As soon as the elevator door closed, the lady sat on the ground, took off my bathrobe, and immediately started giving me a condomless blowjob.

When the elevator reached the upper floor, the elevator door opened. The lady closed the elevator door again and continued oral sex while stimulating my nipples with her hands. I enjoyed it very much.

【Club Area】

The elevator door opens, and in front of you is a passage with flashing lights: the club area. Miss Seeyou took my hand and walked to the middle of the corridor. As soon as I sat down on the chair, three other ladies gathered around me. The ladies were in their places, two ladies were licking their breasts, one was kissing, and SEEYOU continued to perform oral sex. Happiness comes too suddenly!

I looked around and saw lewd scenes everywhere. On our right side, surrounded by several ladies, a man was having sex with a young lady; on our left side, a man was sitting on a chair and was being licked by several young ladies.

After a while, SEEYOU put a condom on my penis, she raised her buttocks, and they had sex in a standing position. SEEYOU’s vagina is narrow and has strong telescopic function. Her white ass is very beautiful. I slapped it while having sex, and the ladies around me kept cheering.

Then, SEEYOU took my hand and went to inspect each single room, while the other three ladies left.

In a single room, a man and a woman were having sex. They stopped to watch while she continued to perform oral sex on me.

【In a single room】

The lady took me into an unoccupied single room to rest for a while. Here, the door of every single room is open, and every move in the single room can be seen by others.

The two of them were talking and laughing, and the girl I had kissed deeply in the club area came to the room naked and started laughing with us.

After resting, SEEYOU and I went to the shower room in the single room to rinse off.

After washing, the lady asked me to lie on my stomach on the bed. After she applied lotion all over my back and her body, she started massaging my thighs and back with her breasts.

Then, the lady asked me to kneel on the bed and she began to perform anal and oral sex. I couldn’t help but moan.

I lay on my back, the lady almost sat on my face, and I started licking her vagina. I felt a lot of pressure adopting this posture.

The penis couldn’t wait any longer, so the young lady put a condom on the penis with her small mouth and had sex with her on top. The lady’s movements are very large, and I can enjoy indescribable pleasure just by lying there.

Switching to the rear position, I stimulated her breasts with my hands while having sex. Seeing the lady’s blurred eyes and lustful expression in the mirror made me even more excited, and I was in danger of ejaculating at any time.

I quickly changed to the normal position and made the final thrust. I hugged the lady tightly and ejaculated quickly.

After the two took a shower together again, the sexual intercourse ended. The lady led me to the elevator and we kissed goodbye.

Feeling a little hungry, I went to the cafeteria for a free dinner. The waiter brought out a large tray including purple rice, scrambled eggs, vegetable soup and 7-8 small pickles, which tasted good.

After finishing the meal, I said goodbye to the waiter and the madam and left the restaurant.

◆Overall review◆
I experienced the massage brothel Sanghanka again after 2 and a half years, and I was still very moved. Club games, in particular, are very interesting and exciting, and it’s even more fun to play with friends. Of course, if you don’t like club games, you can choose the one-on-one normal package.

It’s great to have sex with Miss SEEYOU. She is the number one girl in the brothel. Her service is enthusiastic and her attitude is gentle. The girl’s vagina is narrow, she has excellent clamping skills, and she has superb female-on-position skills! I had a very intense sexual experience.

“Store Information”

Store name: Sanghanka (formerly Donut);

Address: 142-23, Samseong-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul;

Directions to the store: Take Metro Line 2 and get off at Xuanling Station, exit from Exit 10, and walk for 6 minutes.

“Miss SEEYOU Information”

Proficiency in picking up customers: Rich experience in picking up customers and serious service.
English: Can speak some English, communication is no problem.

Age: Presumed to be 24 or 5 years old.

Bust: E cup. Judging from the elasticity and softness, there should be a little filling, but almost close to natural breasts; the nipples and areola are of moderate size and beautiful shape.
Height: 168cm. Elegant body shape, smooth and elastic skin.
Pubic hair: Shaved.

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