“Store Information”
Store name: Castle
Nightclub Category: Massage Brothel
Address: https://goo.gl/maps/W5rhm48b5quWcJQt6.
Price: 70 minutes/two sexual intercourses, sex package for 3 people 470,000 won
Website: CastleSoap
“Girl 1”
Name: Areum
Estimated age: around 30 years old
Bust: D cup
Body shape: average
“Girls 2”
Estimated age: between 30-35 years old
Bust: E cup
Body shape: slim

This time, I experienced the sex package for 3 people at massage brothel Castle. Although the two girls are older, they are calm, elegant, coquettish and beautiful.
“Sexual experience of three people”
Castle is located in Gangnam District, Seoul, and is a long-established store.
I set out at 4 pm, took the subway and got off at Seolleung Station, and walked to the brothel in a few minutes.
The madam at the front desk introduced the package and price in detail, and asked me to choose a girl on my tablet. Maybe it’s because it’s daytime, customers can choose girls, which is lucky.
I chose the sex package for 3 people and selected the girls Areum and Seven.
After paying the fee, I went to the shower room to take a shower. After washing, I went to the lounge and waited for the madam to call me.
A few minutes later, the madam took me to a room, where Areum and Seven were waiting.
They both greeted me with smiles on their faces. Areum is 164cm tall, has chestnut hair, big eyes, and D-cup breasts. He is cute, sexy, and sincere, calm and educated. Seven is over 170cm tall, has black hair, a small face, slender eyes, is slim, beautiful and full of charm.
I sat on the edge of the bed, and the two girls sat on the left and right sides, and started licking their breasts and kissing deeply. Kissing two people at the same time made it difficult for my tongue to handle.
Then, I was pushed down on the bed and Areum started licking my balls and giving a blowjob. She blew it very delicately and it felt great.
Seven continued to kiss deeply and lick her breasts. I greedily licked Seven’s big breasts. The girl was very sensitive and her body trembled irregularly. Then I licked Seven’s pussy, and she moaned. As the liquid overflowed, she kept twisting her body and rubbing her secret parts on my face.
Having two girls serving me at the same time should be the happiest thing in the world.
Next, Seven lay on her back on the bed, and I straddled her in a kneeling position, raised her buttocks, and Areum began to perform anal and oral sex.
Areum’s anal and oral sex was a masterpiece. I lost my composure and let out an embarrassing gasp that could probably be heard in the corridor.
Seven rubbed and caressed my body with different parts of her body underneath me.
Then, the two began a lesbian performance. The scene is very hot, including deep kissing, tongue kissing all over the body, sex, etc. The two of them made obscene screams at the same time. What I saw in front of me made me so excited that I could no longer control myself and quickly joined their game.
Areum’s breasts were white and beautiful. I made waves wildly, and then turned to cunnilingus. The girl was very sensitive, and my tongue was covered with her juices.
I made the two of them lie on their backs side by side, and I inserted my fingers into the vaginas of both girls at the same time.
When the time is right, Areum puts a condom on his penis and inserts it in a woman-on-top position. She yelled while twisting her waist.
Switching to the normal position, I continued to fight Areum. Seven kissed me deeply and stimulated my nipples with his hands
I couldn’t control myself anymore and ejaculated!
Taking off the condom, Seven began to clean the blow flute. Areum kissed me deeply.
Surprisingly, just after ejaculation, the penis regained its energy. Seven put a condom on her penis, raised her butt, and inserted it into position.
Even though it was my second intercourse, I was still full of energy.
Areum licked her breasts and kissed her deeply.
Switching to the back position, I stimulated Seven’s breasts while having sex. Areum caressed me from behind. Soon, the second sexual ejaculation occurred.
Areum took off the condom and started cleaning the blow flute.
The sex package for 3 people was so hot. As expected of a long-established store, the service is impeccable.
“General Review”
■Appearance: 80 points
■Physique: 80 points
■Service: 100 points
■Appearance: 100 points
■Physique: 80 points
■Service: 80 points
It was later learned that the girl Seven was best at sex bed battles between three people; while Areum was a master at lesbian performances.
The sex package for 3 people here can really take guests to the paradise world. It is recommended to give it a try.

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