The nightlife in Thailand is rich and colorful, and it is famous all over the world. Phuket is a holiday destination with a thriving nightlife.
There are two happy streets in Phuket
Patong Beach: Bangla Street
Phuket Town: Phoonpon Road
On Bangla Street, there are many beer bars and Go-Go bars, and the shops are dense; on Phoonpon Road, there are many MP and erotic massage shops, and the shops are scattered.
Patong Beach is far from Phuket Town, it takes about 20 minutes by taxi.
Categories of Phuket nightclubs
beer bar
In Phuket, the main nightspots are beer bars. Beer bars are mainly located on Bangla Street. Unlike Bangkok, the beer bars here also have stages.
The guests can chat and laugh with the lady while drinking, play games, and even make love to each other, touching the whole body of the lady.
Unlike Go-Go, the drinks here are very cheap, about 80B for a glass of beer, and about 200-250B for a lady’s drink. Buy a drink for the lady, and you can talk, laugh, hug and kiss with the lady all over the world.
Usually, the lady will suggest playing a game with her. When the author went to the store, not only did my lady accompany me, but even the girls on the stage participated in our games.
If the customer loses, he has to buy a drink for the other party; if the customer wins, the store will give the customer a glass of beer and drink it on the spot. So winning or losing is a loss, either losing money or being fined for drinking.
If you are interested in accompanying your lady, you can take her out of the store. At this time, you have to pay BF (the fee to the store) about 1000B. In addition, you have to pay 2500-3000B for the short-term sexual intercourse of the young lady.
The beer bar is open from 19:00-2:00.
It is worth noting that, unlike other types of nightclubs, some of the ladies here are not introduced. The most common situation is that the lady is menstruating. Unlike go-go, erotic massages, beer bar girls are there even when menstruating. If you plan to take the lady out of the store when you come to the store, you must first confirm whether the lady can come out.
go-go bar
There are several Go-Go bars on Bangla Street, spread out in Soi Seadragon, a small alley off Bangla Street.
Beer bars are open shops, and you can see the ladies in the store from the street, but in Go-Go bars, you can only see the ladies after entering the store.
After entering the store, the guests walk around the stage to find a lady. If they are not satisfied, they can turn around and leave the store without any fees. If you sit at a table, order a drink.
A glass of beer is about 200B, a bit more expensive than a beer bar.
The ladies in the store, whether they are on the stage, soliciting customers at the door, sitting in the store, or even waiters can come on stage.
When you meet a lady you like, you can call to your side, buy her a drink, and start to be intimate.
If you are interested in a lady, you can take the lady out of the shop, the BF is about 1000B, the short-term sex fee is about 3000B, and the long-term sex fee is 5000B.
There are many clubs on Bangla Street. There are wandering warblers in the club.
Generally speaking, unlike ordinary guests, Liuying doesn’t seem to be drinking and having fun, but just stays there doing nothing, which can be identified at a glance. After chatting with Liuying, you can enter the negotiation stage, and after negotiating the price, you can take it to your residence.
MP and erotic massage
In the Phoonpon area of Phuket Town, there are several MP and erotic massage parlors.
Unlike Bangla Street, the street is deserted and dark at night.
Originally, there is a big difference between MP and erotic massage, but in Phuket, the two are very similar. In MP, there are lady show windows, and the price is 3000-5000B; but in erotic massage parlors, there is no lady show window, and the lady sits on the bench in front of the front desk to wait for customers, and the price is about 1500B per hour.
MP and erotic massages in the Phoonpon area are less expensive and open from noon, so they attract a lot of customers.
The disadvantage is that you can’t get to know the lady better by kissing and fondling the breasts of the lady before she is selected, like beer bars and Go-Go bars. Before choosing a lady, you can’t have any communication with the lady. You can only choose by looking at the lady’s appearance, so there is a risk of encountering a lady with poor service.
street whore
On Bangla Street or Patong Beach, there are street prostitutes. It is worth noting that there are pseudo-girls in the mix here. Many fake women in Thailand look like beautiful women, so it is difficult to distinguish them. The advantage is that it is cheap. You can give it a try.
Frankly speaking, Phuket’s nightlife is not as good as Bangkok and Pattaya. There are fewer types of nightclubs, the level of girls is lower, and the prices are higher.
But here is a resort, and there are many tourists who come here for vacation. In your spare time on vacation, of course you have to visit nightclubs.
You can either go to the beer bars, Go-Go bars and clubs on Bangla Street or MP or erotic massages in the Phoonpon area.
It should be a good arrangement to spend time at the resort during the day, recharge the battery, and find a lady to release it at night.

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