In Taiwan, there are many old pimps active in Fengyuechang.
Usually, there are old pimps all over Asia, but they have a bad reputation and often get scammed when dealing with them. But in Taiwan, old pimps have a good reputation, follow them and you will find a lady who satisfies you at a reasonable price.
The old pimp haunt area in Taipei is around Linsen North Road.
Walking in this area at night, you will meet a soliciting uncle or aunt within 5 minutes.
The old pimp may take you to nightclubs, and more often introduce you to Liu Ying.
Some wandering warblers normally go to work during the day and work part-time at night. Many ladies are young and beautiful.
After the lady appears on the stage, not only depends on the lady’s appearance, but also on the lady’s hospitality attitude. A lady with a gentle attitude will have a pleasant experience; on the contrary, a lady with a cold attitude will not bring you any pleasure even if she is a beautiful woman.
The average price is NT$4,000, sometimes it may be sold at NT$3,000, and when you meet a particularly beautiful lady, you may ask for NT$8,000.
After selecting the lady, you can take the lady back to your hotel, or you can go to the hourly room nearby. The room rate for the hourly room is about NT$600.
If you are not satisfied with the lady introduced, of course there will be no charge.
Of course, you should take care of your valuables when you are with the lady. Because the lady is a wandering warbler after all, and does not belong to any shop. When taking turns taking a shower with the lady, you should bring your valuables into the shower.
The street girl experience introduced by the old pimp
The author came to Linsen North Road, the aforementioned old pimp activity area, around 21:00.
Soon, an aunt came to solicit customers.
The aunt took out her mobile phone, showed the photos in it, and claimed that she could introduce beautiful girls, but she didn’t like them and didn’t charge money. The author followed the aunt.
After walking for 5 minutes, the aunt asked the author to wait for her on the side of the road. Aunt returned after 3 minutes. I took the author for about 10 meters and saw a woman standing there.
She is a big beauty, she should be the top-level beauty that the author met in nightclubs in Taipei. Moreover, the attitude is also very gentle. Da Ma asked for NT$4,000, which was very reasonable. Although the beauty has tattoos carved on her arms, the author doesn’t care about these and chooses.
Take a taxi back to the hotel with the lady. In the car, the lady had close contact with the author in various ways, and the author had a premonition that I met a high-quality lady today.
After entering the room, have a brief exchange with the lady. It turned out that the young lady was 24 years old this year, doing nail art during the day and working part-time at night.
Take a shower with the lady, and the lady helps me take a bath.
After going to bed, the lady immediately started a deep kiss. In night shows in Taiwan, many girls are not allowed to kiss, this lady took the initiative to send a deep kiss, so lucky.
Then, the lady started the ant climbing the tree, kissing all over the body; and then bareback blowjob.
Seeing that the time was right, the lady put a condom on the little brother and had normal sex. The author is stroking the breasts and kissing the lady deeply, so busy. It’s put in after changing, and it’s ejaculated soon.
Afterwards, the lady gave the author a shoulder and back massage. I enjoyed it a lot.
Finally, take a shower with the lady again. It’s getting late, kiss goodbye to Miss.
The day after tomorrow, the author went to Linsen North Road again. This time, the author met with 5 girls in total, and finally chose a 22-year-old beauty who just graduated. Also paid NT$4000 for a wonderful intercourse.

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