In Seoul and Busan, South Korea, there are nightclubs called multiplayer karaoke. Usually, the guests travel together, and each chooses a young lady as a female companion, and a group of men and women drink together for fun. In the end, the ladies provide masturbation and blowjob services to their respective guests. This is a form of nightclub unique to Korea.
Multiplayer Porn Karaoke is the ultimate version of the porn karaoke category
In multiplayer karaoke in Korea, guests can touch girls all over their bodies, especially slapping and licking their breasts.
After the customer enters the store, he can choose the lady face to face. Usually there are dozens or hundreds of ladies in the store, and you will definitely choose the lady you like.
Basically the lady will show up naked, and the guests are free to touch the lady. At the same time, the guests are also naked, and the atmosphere is very ambiguous. Guests can also drink and play games with the lady.
Can’t get fucked in multiplayer porn karaoke
Guests can kiss and tease girls, slap and lick breasts, but sexual intercourse is not allowed.
However, the lady will offer masturbation and blowjob services. The guest and the lady drink and have fun together, spend a good time like a lover’s date, and finally from the lady’s blowjob to ejaculation, the guest will get great satisfaction.
You can get the contact information of Ms.
After exchanging contact information with the lady, you can ask the lady to meet outside the store later. Korean multiplayer karaoke girls actively respond to calls from guests. Basically, you can meet the lady again outside the store.
Dating outside the store is simulating love. Unlike in the store, the relationship between each other can develop freely. If both parties agree, the lady will go to your hotel and have sex with you.
Hard to take advantage of multiplayer porn karaoke with no one to lead the way
Basically, it’s hard to take advantage of multiplayer porn karaoke without a local Korean-speaking pass to take you there.
Although you can visit the store directly without making an appointment, you have to wait a long time to receive service. Usually, the store is very busy, especially on Fridays, and even if you make an appointment, you have to wait for about an hour. If you don’t have an appointment, you will have to wait a long time to get served.
Also, usually the store is very large, with 70-80 private rooms. Therefore, there are many waiters, and each waiter manages a fixed number of girls. The girls under the strong waiters are also beautiful, on the contrary, the girls under the weak waiters are not outstanding. Seeing that you are a stranger without an appointment, only weak waiters will receive you. The lady you meet with won’t be much better.
Seeing that you don’t speak Korean, the waiter will tell you, “There are only these ladies, and you can only choose among them.” Although there are hundreds of ladies in the store, when it’s your turn to choose, almost all of them are of average level. This is the result of no one taking you to the store.
use the program
After entering the store, you will be taken to a single room, and someone will deliver drinks and fruits at the same time. After that, several ladies will appear on stage. If the guest is not satisfied with the lady, a second batch of ladies will appear.
After the lady is selected, the guests drink and chat with the lady. At the beginning of the show, the lady will be stripped naked, and the guests will be stripped at the same time.
When the atmosphere reaches its peak, the girls start to masturbate and blowjob their respective guests until they ejaculate.
Business hours
Usually, shops will open in the evening and close around 5 o’clock in the morning. But it is too early to go to the store, and many high-quality ladies have not yet gone to work. So it is better to visit after 22:00.
In general, the service time of the package is 60-80 minutes. It can also be extended when the time comes. In the extension stage, the original lady can be retained, or the lady can be re-elected.
When you come to multi-person karaoke, the guests come in groups (more than two people). When a companion chooses a lady, other guests should also choose a lady as soon as possible. After the first lady is selected, if 20 minutes have passed and the others still haven’t chosen a lady, the timer will start.
Prices for Multiplayer Porn Karaoke
Prices vary from shop to shop, but prices at THE KING are as follows.
1 guest: 350,000W
2 guests: 550,000W
3 guests: 750,000W
For example, if two people go to spend together, the cost per person is “550,000 รท 2 = 275,000”. The larger the number of people, the lower the cost per person.
The price is all inclusive. But you need to tip the waiter another 10,000-20,000 W.
Introduction of multiplayer karaoke shops in Seoul
There are more than 100 girls in attendance. Basically an appointment is required.
SIX is also a large multiplayer porn karaoke.
Seoul Multiplayer Sex Karaoke “The King” Experience
After being introduced by a local nightclub passer to help us make an appointment, our group of 3 went to The King.
It was a weekday and we arrived around 23:00. There are many Korean customers at the door of the store. They should have no appointment and are asked to wait. We had an appointment so were taken straight to a room.
After we sat down, we chatted and waited for the lady. Since there are many rooms and many guests, it takes a while to see the lady.
After waiting for 15 minutes, a lady finally appeared, but there were only 2 ladies, and they were all ugly.
After letting go of 2 girls, 7 more girls came soon. But the lady’s appearance is not good, and she is exiled again.
In this way, several batches came, and each time there were 2-7 young ladies. Finally, all three of us met our favorite ladies and we selected them respectively.
Cheers to the lady and chats.
After a while, the lady announced that it was time to enter the show.
All naked, intimate contact between men and women
Some lady dimmed the lights and turned up the music.
With the rhythm of the music, the ladies began to take off their clothes one by one, until only a pair of underwear remained.
Then, with beers in their mouths, the ladies rode on the laps of their male partners and began to kiss. Naturally, we have to drink the beer in the mouth of the lady.
Next, the ladies took off our clothes to only a pair of shorts.
3 men and 3 young and beautiful women were naked in the same room, and the lighting was dim, and everyone drank alcohol, so the atmosphere was naturally very ambiguous. The 3 pairs of combinations do not interfere with each other, and each is busy with its own work. Some continued to drink, some continued to kiss, and some slapped and licked their breasts. A scene of promiscuity. It was supposed to be karaoke, but no one sang.
My lady, 25 years old, born in Seoul, can speak English.
Miss masturbates and blowjobs for us
It’s almost time to move on to the next session. Ladies let us lie down on the sofa.
After the lady took off our panties and cleaned up the penis with wet wipes, she started bareback blowjob.
After oral sex, switch to masturbation. The lady and I kissed while enjoying the high-speed masturbation of the lady. Soon, ejaculate.
The companions also successfully ejaculated one after another.
It’s almost time, and everyone starts to get dressed. The ladies left the room.
The waiter came to charge, and the three paid a total of 750,000 W.
Someone delivered instant ramen before leaving the store. It’s spicy but tastes good.
Looking back around the room, it was a mess.
3 people left the store.
South Korea’s unique multiplayer porn karaoke
In Korean multiplayer karaoke, there are hundreds of girls to choose from, guests can have close contact with girls, and girls provide masturbation and oral sex services. When 3 people consume, each person only needs to pay 250,000 W, which is really a value-for-money experience.

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