This time, I went to Vang Vieng, a small town in Laos, to investigate local erotic massage.
“Vang Vieng”
Vang Vieng is a small town of only 25,000 people, about two and a half hours’ drive from Vientiane.
From Vientiane to Vang Vieng, you can take a minibus, the fare is 150,000 Kip. Although you can also take the high-speed rail to Vang Vieng, sometimes you can’t buy a ticket, and the station is located on the outskirts of Vientiane, which is not convenient to use.
Vang Vieng has beautiful natural scenery and rich tourism resources, attracting many tourists from Europe, America and South Korea. Here, tourists can not only enjoy the natural beauty such as karst caves, but also participate in exciting activities such as boat rafting and thermal ball air travel.
However, nightlife here is limited. There used to be brothel clusters in both the eastern and northern suburbs, but these brothels have now been banned.
The only remaining nightclubs are erotic massage parlors in the street. On the surface, these shops are regular massage shops, but in fact some shops secretly provide pornographic services.
“Vang Vieng Erotic Massage Shop Lady”
The level of the lady is average. Although there are some pretty girls in the store, they often do not provide pornographic services, and the girls who provide sexual services are of average level.
The lady’s service is better. To my surprise, the lady I was fighting with was extroverted and offered services like kisses and blowjobs.

Lao erotic massage
“Prices of Erotic Massage in Vang Vieng”
The charging standards of each store are slightly different. The price I experienced is,
Massage: 150,000
Intercourse: 350,000
Total: 500,000 Kip.
I started from Vientiane and took a minibus to Vang Vieng.
After checking into the hotel, rent a bicycle and go on a street tour.
First go to the former site of the brothel group in the east of the city to have a look. The former brothel group is just in front of the river.
What used to be a gravel road is now a paved road. The houses of the brothels are still there, but the doors are closed and there is no sign of business.
I came to investigate again at night, and the results were the same as during the day.
I started looking at massage parlors on the street, focusing on those with young women soliciting customers in front of the shop. Finally, I stopped in front of a massage shop called “Vang Vieng Chalern Massage”. This is a massage shop facing the street. There are young ladies soliciting customers in front of the shop, and the layout of the shop looks a bit weird.
Vang Vieng Chalern Massage address:
As I approached the store, a younger mommy spoke to me with a price list in hand. The price of various massages is between 80,000 and 150,000 Kip, which is not cheap.
I asked Mommy if there was sex service, and Mommy lowered her voice, “There is a full service in the single room on the second floor, 500,000 Kip for massage plus sex.” I decided to give it a try, and she took me inside and asked me to sit down.
I originally planned to choose my opponent among the young ladies soliciting customers in front of the store, but my mother said that they only provide regular massages.
She took out her mobile phone and recommended a lady to me. The lady looks fair, but a little fat. It would be great if I lost another 5 or 6 catties. Considering that this is a small town in the countryside, I can’t ask too much, so I accepted Mommy’s recommendation.
After a while, the lady appeared. Mommy took us upstairs. There are 2 mattresses in the first room, and quilts are piled on the mattresses, and the ladies should live here. We were shown to a room inside.
After paying Mommy 500,000 Kip, Mommy left.
The young lady is 21 years old, outgoing and friendly.
After a brief exchange, each other showered one after another.
After washing, the lady asked me to lie prone on the bed, and she began to massage. Although the massage technique is average, the young lady is always laughing and laughing, which is very interesting.

Vang Vieng Erotic Massage
Pressing and pressing, the lady’s hand began to touch my balls, making me itchy all over.
I lay on my back, and the lady continued to massage. Suddenly, the lady removed my towel, exposing my penis. At this time, the penis was full of energy and radiant, and the young lady laughed again when she saw this.
The lady started masturbating.
Then, I got up and sat down, hugged the lady, and untied the lady’s bath towel, and the lady’s F-cup big breasts were displayed in front of my eyes. I started stroking the breasts.
I signaled to the lady to perform blowjob, and the lady immediately started bareback blowjob. The lady’s blowjob is very hot, and there are deep throat operations from time to time, which is very comfortable. This is the first oral sex service I have enjoyed during this trip to Laos.
Unfortunately, after playing the flute, the young lady spit on the ground. The lady’s actions are not vulgar, but acceptable.
Instead I attack. I started to lick the breast, and the lady’s reaction was very sensitive. I was about to cunnilingus, but the lady dodged it, the way she folded her legs was funny.
Wearing a cover fits in the normal position. The lady’s secret liquid is sufficient, I showed my skills, the lady let out a low moan, and put her arms around my neck.
I moved my face to her lips, and the young lady took the initiative to start a deep kiss, which was beyond my expectation.
I was so moved that I accelerated my sprint. The lady’s cry became louder. I couldn’t control it anymore and ejaculated. Very nice sex.
I was pleasantly surprised to have a great sex in a small country town.
Afterwards, the lady left the room first, and I also got dressed, and left the massage shop calmly.
In an erotic massage parlor in Vang Vieng, I met an outgoing and very friendly lady. The lady provided services such as deep kissing and oral sex, which is very rare. The atmosphere of the whole intercourse was high and I was very satisfied.
However, compared with Vientiane, the overall standard of girls here is lower, and the prices are higher. It is definitely not worth coming here to find girls.
If you are in Vang Vieng for sightseeing and want to have sex, then you can try erotic massage parlors.

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