【Survey date】 August 2022
【Type of shop】 SPA
【Store Name】Hokkaido
【Address】 https://goo.gl/maps/8pLFeTRuzXmBrY8a8
[Price] 45 minutes 248RM (massage, sexual intercourse)
【Score】 7/10
【Experience process】
HOKKAIDO’s entrance is dimly lit and feels like it’s not open. I was about to walk away when a male waiter stepped out of the store.
The waiter took me to the stairs inside and let me go up to the second floor. After I went upstairs alone, another waiter took me to the sofa seat while talking to the downstairs through the pager.
Soon, a group of ladies came before my eyes, more than 10 in total. The ladies are from mainland China, Vietnam and Malaysia, and basically belong to the middle level. More than twenty pairs of eyes were looking at me at the same time, which made me excited.
One of the Vietnamese girls was good-looking. I pointed to the lady and told the waiter that I would choose her. My fingers tremble a little from overexcitement.
After paying the fee at the front desk, the Vietnamese lady took me to the room.
Miss named Hana, 23 years old this year. After a brief self-introduction, the lady began to undress. Although during the epidemic, most ladies will become fat due to long-term vacations, but Hana has a slender figure with a C-cup bust.
The two went to the shower room together, and the lady helped me wash my body. I touched my whole body to the young lady, and the young lady stimulated my penis with her hands while licking my chest, and the penis responded immediately.
The lady dried my body with a bath towel, and the two returned to the bedroom hand in hand. After going to bed, the lady continued to lick her breasts, and then fellatio without a condom, which lasted about 10 minutes. Seeing that the penis was about to lose its hold, the lady put a condom on the penis and had sex with a female superior. After going through the back position, the normal position, ejaculation after a hard fight.
Although Hana is not a big beauty, but the service is warm and skilled, and I am very satisfied.

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