This time I inspected the Kissing House near Sillim Station on Metro Line 2.

“The First “Hot Kiss””

Take Exit 4 of Xinlin Station and go west. Enter the small alley on the left.

After arriving, take the stairs to the 4th floor. The waiter at the front desk introduced the price: 40,000 W for 30 minutes. After paying the fee, go to the shower room to brush your teeth and go to the private room.

A slender woman dressed simply came immediately. He looked about 20 years old and was dressed as a student. I felt that the girl was too simple but not sexy enough, so I asked for a replacement. The waiter claimed that there was only one girl available and that she could not change. I had to ask to cancel the service. After the waiter returned 40,000 W, I turned around and left the store.

“Second Home”

Walk south from Exit 2 of Sinlim Station. After 2 minutes, you can see the sign with “K” and the kiss icon.

On the third floor, the front desk clerk introduced the price: 70,000 W for 60 minutes. After paying, we were taken to a private room to wait. Since there was a reservation, I waited for almost an hour.

Finally, the waiter asked me to brush my teeth. After returning to the private room, the lady appeared. The lady has tattoos and seems to have a very easy-going personality.

The lady dimmed the lights and sat on the bed with me. I pushed the lady down on the bed and started kissing her. A very deep kiss. It seems that the lady knows how to smoke. There is a faint smell of smoke.

Taking off her bra, her breasts were very small, only an A cup. You can touch your breasts as you like, but when I licked them, the lady said they were too itchy and signaled me to stop licking them.

The lady started kissing my nipples and masturbating me at the same time. The lady did it very calmly and had no intention of rushing. I was chatting with the lady while accepting her service. It was a completely lovers atmosphere.

According to her, she lives nearby and has no other job. The tattoos on her arms and thighs were done by her friends.

The time difference is pretty good. The lady kissed me and masturbated for me, and finally ejaculated.

Feel very fulfilled.

In the Kiss Room, although you have to pay before meeting the girl, you can get a refund if the customer doesn’t like the girl. Very conscientious.

It feels like dating an ordinary girl and you can fully feel the atmosphere of being a lover. Good value for money.

However, there are very few registered ladies.

<Comment on the lady>

Hospitality attitude: proactively serve guests;

Customer reception skills: excellent kissing and breast licking techniques;

Overall rating: 7/10

<Store information>

Store name: Unknown (on the 3rd floor)

​Nightclub Category: Kiss Room

Location: Near Xinlin Station (see map)

Opening hours: Open until late at night

Price: 70,000 W for 60 minutes

Number of ladies: 1-2

Lady’s age: 20s

The lady’s appearance: 7/10 points

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