Dao is very popular among guests, especially its club packages, which are very popular and well-known throughout the industry.

Nightclub Dao website: DaoSoap

Address: 90-6, Nonhyeon-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

90-6 Nonhyun-Dong, Gangnam-Gu, Seoul

I went to DAO at noon on Saturday.

Dao is near the “Hedong” station of Metro Line 7. Here is the super large luxury hotel “Imperial Palace Seoul”.

I took the subway and got off at Hakdong Station, exited from Exit 10, and walked to Dao in a few minutes (the route is as shown below).

The front desk is on the 7th floor. I chose the 60-minute, one-time sex, club package for 260,000 won. Get the wardrobe key and go take a shower.

Even though it was noon, there were already customers in the changing rooms and showers.

After washing, put on your yukata and go to the lounge. The lounge is beautiful.

I sat down to rest, and the waiter brought me a free drink, while I drank and waited.

Soon, the waiter came to call me. I followed the waiter with 4 Korean customers. In the front of the corridor, there were colorful lights, which should be the club area.

The ladies stood in a row to greet us.

A beautiful black-haired lady grabbed me, and she is my lady today. Her name is Hyun Ah and she is smaller.

【Club Games】

Hyun Ah took me to the middle of the corridor and asked me to sit on a chair.

Immediately, three more ladies gathered around. The ladies took off my yukata, and Hyun Ah squatted on the ground and began to give me a blowjob while looking up at me. The two ladies stood on my left and right sides and began to lick my breasts. They licked in different ways and felt different. I was very Enjoy; the other girl kissed my neck and ears passionately, and then kissed me deeply.

I looked around, and next to me, a Korean man was having sex with a girl in a standing doggy position; diagonally across from me, a Korean customer was nervously sitting on a chair and receiving a blowjob.

You can really feast your eyes here.

After a while, Hyun Ah put a condom on my penis with his mouth, and they had sex while standing. I twisted her waist while playing with her ass, having sex without passion, and made a numb cry. The ladies around him also shouted to help, and continued to increase the intensity of their attacks such as licking their breasts.

So exciting! This is where heaven is. After experiencing this kind of soul impact, I no longer asked for anything, and I have experienced everything that I should experience. Even if tomorrow is the end of the world, I will accept it.

It’s almost time. I’m taking a short break. Hyun Ah took me to the room to visit. The layout of the rooms here is unique. You can clearly see every move in each room in the corridor. After watching several couples having sex at close range, we came to an empty room.

Entering the shower room in the room, Hyun Ah helped me wash my body.

【Lotion Massage】

There was a massage table in the shower room. The lady poured warm water on the massage table to preheat it, then asked me to lie on my stomach on the bed. She poured warm water on my back, which made me feel so comfortable.

Then, the lady applied cool lotion on my back. It was still warm water just now, but suddenly it was replaced by cold lotion. What kind of trick is this? The young lady saw that I had a strange reaction and quickly asked me if I was okay. She was very considerate.

The lady climbed on my back. Immediately a warmth spread through me, so comfortable.

The young lady used her breasts to massage my back. The young lady’s firm nipples touched my back as though they were far away. It felt wonderful.

Then, the young lady hugged me tightly and reached out to touch my nipples and penis.

The lady used her breasts to stimulate the soles of my feet, which I felt was very novel.

Then, the lady started kissing my back passionately.

After a lingering session, the lady asked me to kneel on the bed, and she began to lick the anus and stimulate the penis with her hands.

I lay on my back, and the lady started licking my breasts and fingers; doing oral sex, licking my balls, and stimulating my nipples with her hands.

Finally, the lady rinsed the lotion off my body with warm water, and the two of us went to the bedroom.

【sexual intercourse】

There are mirrors on the ceiling and walls of the room, so I can enjoy the image in the mirror while having sex.

The lady instructed me to kneel on the bed again while she licked my anus.

I lay on my back, and the lady put a condom on my penis with her mouth. After oral sex, I had sex on top. The young lady twisted her waist and screamed continuously; I slapped my breasts and raised my waist and hips to cooperate with the young lady.

The lady and I changed into normal positions while kissing. Looking down from above, the young lady’s body is elegant and has perfect lines.

I was having sex while slapping my breasts. The young lady made a loud cry. I held the young lady’s hands and while admiring the young lady’s swaying breasts, I thrust forward. Ejaculation soon.

After sex, the lady brought drinks.

After taking a shower again, the battle is over. After changing clothes, I said goodbye to the waiter and left the store.

◆Miss Hyun Ah information◆

Customer Picking Skills: Sufficient service experience. It feels like she is enjoying herself while serving the guests.
English: Can speak some English.
Age: estimated 25-29 years old.
Breasts: Basically, they are natural breasts. They may be a little filled, but they feel normal to the touch. They are soft and elastic. The breasts are beautiful in shape and the nipples are firm.
Body: Height is about 160cm. Compared with other girls in the store, she is small. The skin is smooth and beautiful.
Pubic hair: sparse and soft.

◆Overall review◆

DAO has received rave reviews, and this experience once again verified that this is indeed a high-quality store.

The girls you see in the club area are of high average quality. The ladies work well together and work together in a tacit understanding. The club area is laid out to perfection.

Miss Hyun Ah is a typical oriental beauty and has no problem communicating in English. Hyun Ah’s service can be given full marks. She is good at creating a high-spirited atmosphere, has superb anal licking skills, and has great clamping skills. Whether it’s lotion play in the shower or sex, it’s intoxicating and obsessive.

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