Affected by COVID-19, the brothel cluster in the Geylang area has been closed, and the multi-national prostitutes who haunt Orchard Tower every night have disappeared without a trace.
Ladies from Southeast Asian countries have returned to China one after another, and coming to Singapore again is not easy under the current situation.
In order to revive the tourism industry, the Singapore government began to relax entry restrictions for general tourists from mainland China in November 2020. Therefore, the ladies from mainland China returned to Singapore one after another.
However, due to the dengue fever epidemic in the Geylang area last year, which infected more than 30,000 people, the harm to the community was comparable to that of COVID-19.
The double blow of dengue fever and COVID-19 has put the brothel group in the Geylang area on the verge of closure. Even if the COVID-19 epidemic is over, it is estimated that the brothel group will not see the prospect of prosperity again.
Where will these Chinese girls go if they can’t go back to the Geylang area? The answer is Chinese KTV and erotic massage parlors.
Singapore Erotic Massage Street 1
On Dunlop St, there are several erotic massage parlors.
Dunlop St is a small alley about 200 meters long. There are at least four erotic massage parlors in the alley, all of which offer sex services. The lady is of Chinese and Malaysian descent. Sex is priced at SGD 80-100.
The author visited two of them, “66A & R SPA” and “PRIME Massage”.
Singapore Erotic Massage Street 2
On Upper Paya Lebar Road, there is a pizzeria “Pizza Hut Delivery” (@165 Upper Paya Lebar Rd). Next to the pizzeria, there is a massage parlor “Sky Light Beauty Spa” that offers erotic massages. There are several similar erotic massage parlors around.
Since sexual intercourse is an extra service, the cost of sexual intercourse is paid directly to the lady, and it is paid in cash, so prepare change, otherwise, if the lady claims that she has no money for change, you can only admit that you are unlucky.
Singapore Erotic Massage Tribe 3
Although there are many erotic massage shops in the Orchard Tower building, the prices are high and the price/performance ratio is extremely low. The author is introducing Parklane Mall, another building with several erotic massage parlors.
The author came to Parklane Mall at 6 o’clock in the afternoon on weekdays. The reason why I came to the store early was to watch the KTV ladies who started to go to work one after another.
To watch Miss KTV, the best place is in front of the elevator. However, standing there for a long time seems too unnatural. The author chose the McDonald’s located in the semi-underground. KTV [Xiangyi] is next door to McDonald’s, and girls from other KTVs often come to McDonald’s to buy coffee and other drinks. So, sitting in McDonald’s, it is easy to watch Miss KTV.
Watching Miss KTV is not only a feast for the eyes, but also arouses hotness all over the body. At this time, you can go straight to the erotic massage shop on the 7th floor.
Every massage parlor is small in size. In front of the store, there will be scantily clad ladies soliciting customers.
The author observed that the lady was between 20 and 30 years old and had a good appearance.
After turning around, I returned to the massage parlor with the best impression. Fortunately, all the ladies from just now were there and were not selected by the guests.
The lady chosen by the author took me to a small room inside and closed the curtain on the door.
The author lies on the bed and the massage begins. Only 10 minutes later, the lady pointed to the penis that was about to move and said, “Do you want to massage here? 100 Singapore dollars”, and the author counter-offered 60 yuan. The two sides were deadlocked.
Upon seeing this, the author turned into a prone position and told the lady to just do ordinary massage. Of course, this is the author’s tactic. No matter which country you are in, when negotiating, you must show a low-enthusiasm, unstoppable, and desperate attitude.
In most erotic massage parlors, room usage fees and regular massage fees are part of the store’s side income. The young lady’s income depends entirely on special massages. If the guest does not want a special massage, the lady has no income. Therefore, the lady would rather make a deal at a discount.
Finally, it was sold at 75 yuan. Netizens don’t have to talk to this level like the author. Because, the lady treats the guests by watching the dishes. As soon as she meets you, she can tell whether you are a novice or a veteran. Unless your acting skills are super high. What’s more, the bargaining price is too harsh, and the lady will lower the service level and be perfunctory.
The author and the lady made a quick decision, only using the normal position and one position, and successfully ejaculated.

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