There are many nightclubs in Jakarta, which can be a mixed bag. If you want to ensure the quality of service and be foolproof, I recommend you to go to Paradise Spa 1001.
The store has perfect facilities and high-level ladies. It is a high-quality high-end store. Frequented by many resident employees, it is also a designated nightclub for business customers.
The characteristics of 1001 are as follows:
The number of beautiful ladies ranks first among all nightclubs in Jakarta;
Advanced and luxurious facilities;
Boss is the old (now closed) boss of Alexis;
This notebook introduces 1001’s usage procedures, prices, experience talks, and points to note.
Recommend the following users to experience
Like to experience in high-end nightclubs;
Looking for a high-level lady;
Want to experience in a safe and clean environment
Netizens who do not recommend to experience
Limited budget・Want cheap sex
Location of Spa 1001
Paradise Spa 1001 is located within Hotel 1001 in the Kota area of North Jakarta.
It is very convenient to go there by motorcycle or taxi.
How to use Spa 1001
There is a big signboard in front of the 1001 Hotel, which is easy to find.
When you approach the building, the first thing you will encounter is the exclusive club “COLOSSEUM” on the right hand side. Keep going, and the entrance to 1001 Spa is behind.
When entering the building, there will be a waiter leading the way.
There are security guards at the entrance of the spa to check the body, and the lens of the mobile phone will be affixed with adhesive strips.
Entering the hall, the first thing that catches the eye is a large number of ladies sitting in the display window.
The waiter took the author to a seat, and I ordered a beer.
Guests can choose a lady right away, or they can go to the spa to relax first, and then find a lady.
When you want to choose a lady, you can say to the bustard, “Contest Please.” The “contest” here is the “show up” in the Philippines, which means that the ladies come out in groups and stand in front of you.
A group of ladies standing in front of you at close range will make you feel embarrassed.
When you don’t meet the lady you like, you can ask the bustard to call the second group. and so on.
In 1001, after selecting a lady, you can communicate with the lady for 30 minutes. It is recommended to chat with the lady in a row of quasi-single rooms next to the jacuzzi.
What services the lady can provide in the quasi-single room depends entirely on how you get along with the lady. You have to try your best to make the lady happy in order to have good service.
Shorten the distance with the lady and go to the guest room together.
After showering, get ready for intercourse. Package time is 1 hour. Before the close, there will be a reminder call to the guest room.
1001 price
Miss Indonesia: 1.45 million Rupiah
Miss Foreigner: 2.45 million Rupiah
The price includes entrance fees and the use of all facilities in the museum. However, there is an additional 200,000 Rupiah ticket (including a drink) on Friday and Saturday.
Usually, the lady asks for a tip afterward. The lady will show you a small note with the amount of tip written on it: 200,000, 300,000, 500,000… etc., and ask you to tick one of them. It is obvious that at least 200,000 Rupiah should be given. Don’t be fooled, you can ignore the amount here. How much to give is entirely up to you. When you are not satisfied with the service, don’t give it. (Confirmed with the bustard).
If no lady is selected, the actual cost is the ticket. All in-store purchases are to be paid before departure.
Approximate budget for experience in 1001:
If you choose an Indonesian lady, the drink fee, the lady’s tip, etc. are all included, and the total amount is within 2 million Rupiah.
Experience with a 19-year-old lovely lady
After entering 1001, the author was surprised. The facilities in the museum are very luxurious and beautiful, which should surpass the FKK in Germany.
There are more than 50 young ladies in the display window. The lady’s level is very high. There is no doubt that the level of girls here is higher than any nightclub in Jakarta.
When the three guests sitting next to the author asked the lady to contest, the author took a fancy to a slender lady who looked like a child, so I called her to my side.
The author took the lady’s hand and went to the quasi-private room next to the jacuzzi.
Through conversation, I learned that the lady was only 19 years old. Super slender figure, super fair skin.
And Miss Qing Qingqing me, intimate and lingering. Soon, the author’s penis was dishonest.
The author asked the lady to teach me Indonesian, and then the author whispered in her ear the newly learned Indonesian, “breast”, “penis”, and the lady laughed out loud. This laughter is the laughter of a child. She really shouldn’t be here, but should go to school or apprentice.
At the beginning, they were still unfamiliar with each other, but through the intimacy in the quasi-single room, the distance between the two has been greatly shortened. Seeing that the time was ripe, I went to the guest room with the lady.
In the shower, the author is very excited. The lady’s figure is very sexy・・・The small breasts are also very tense and very attractive・・・
After going to bed, the author immediately started licking breasts. When she licked her armpits, she laughed again; when she licked her navel and the sides of her lower abdomen, she still laughed.
When the author was cunnilingus, the lady seemed to have a feeling and stopped laughing. The author sometimes inserts his fingers into the vagina, and sometimes licks wildly.
The author stared at the young lady very closely, it was so tempting… The secret part of the young lady is already flooded…
The cunnilingus went on for about 15 minutes. Fucked after condom blowjob.
A baby’s face is distorted and deformed, so beautiful…
At first, there was a painful expression on the young lady’s face, but soon she heard a low voice from the young lady. The author tried to kiss the young lady, but the young lady stuck out her tongue and actively cooperated.
It’s so exciting… Ejaculate while kissing deeply!
The two lay on the bed savoring the aftertaste until the phone rang.
After getting dressed and preparing to leave the room, the lady took out the legendary note.
Miss: “Tip.”
Sure enough, the note said “tip 200,000; 300,000; 500,000; 1 million”. The minimum amount is really 200,000…
Author: “I heard from the madam that the customer can decide the amount of the tip, isn’t that true?” The lady didn’t seem to understand, and the atmosphere was a little tense.
Author: “I’ll ask the bustard first, and then fill out this form.”
The lady was speechless. The scene was a little awkward.
After going down the steps, the lady turned and left without saying anything.
The bustard told me that the amount of tip is up to the customer. I gave 100,000 Rupiah and left the store after checking out.
Although the lady was a bit upset when it came to tipping, the overall service was good.
1001’s business hours
The recommended time to visit is around 19:00, when there are a lot of ladies and the customers are not yet at their peak.
Number and level of misses in 1001
Miss level ★★★★★★★★★☆ (9/10)
Among the nightclubs in Jakarta, 1001 has the most high-level girls.
There are more than 100 ladies. Most of the ladies are Indonesians, and there are also girls from Thailand, Vietnam, China, Europe and other places. Among the Miss Vietnam and Thailand, some are very cute; but the level of Miss Europe is poor. Miss Indonesia wears black clothes, and girls from abroad wear clothes of other colors, which is easy to distinguish.
Ease of use
★★★★★★★★★☆ (9/10)
The program is simple and very easy to use.
If you encounter problems, no matter how big or small, you can find the old bustard.
The store has a good reputation and will not rip off customers.
★★★★★★★★★☆ (9/10)
With high-level ladies and luxurious facilities, 1001 has deservedly become the best nightclub in Jakarta. It is strongly recommended that netizens who come to Jakarta for the first time come here to experience.
Points to note when experiencing 1001
“It’s better to find Miss Indonesia”
In 1001, the price of foreign girls is very expensive. The reason for this is that some local rich people look for foreign ladies specifically for the sake of looking fresh. For this reason, the store side tailor-made for them, attracted foreign girls.
If your budget is sufficient, of course you can choose foreign girls. However, there are many young and lovely ladies in Miss Indonesia. We are from abroad, so it is best to choose Miss Indonesia.
“English can be spoken in the store”
Many nightclubs in Jakarta do not speak English, but at 1001, the waiters and girls basically speak English.
“How much to tip, you decide for yourself”
Don’t be misled by the tip amount on the tip request form, it doesn’t necessarily give at least 200,000 Rupiah, you can decide how much to give according to the situation.
“Credit Card Payment Available”
Payment by credit card is free of charge. Although you can pay your bill in cash such as US dollars, Singapore dollars, Australian dollars and euros, the exchange rate is very low, so be careful.
“The lady who hangs around the first floor of the hotel also provides full service”
There are many girls sitting at the entrance of the 1001 Hotel on the first floor. They are all Miss KTV. You can also have sex with them in the guest room.
The price is divided into several grades such as 3 million Rupiah, 3.6 million Rupiah and 4.2 million Rupiah, which are much more expensive than SPA.
“In the club COLOSSEUM in the same building, there are also very nice girls”
In the exclusive club COLOSSEUM in the 1001 hotel, there are some wandering warblers. The author met a senior lady who looked like a model. The other party asked for 7 million Rupiah, and the author offered 3 million Rupiah, but the negotiation failed.
Considering the cheap price of Indonesia Fengyuechang, is it worth spending such a high price? But the lady’s beauty is indeed outstanding.
If you want to ensure a satisfactory experience in Jakarta, go to 1001
The field investigation proved that there are indeed many beauties in 1001;
The facilities in 1001 are high-end and luxurious;
If you want to get the perfect nightclub experience in Jakarta, go to 1001.

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