In many nightclubs in South Korea, customers will be turned away if they do not understand Korean. Not so with brothels, which you can experience even if you don’t speak Korean. Moreover, compared to other nightclubs in Korea, the prices are cheap. Therefore, brothels are very important to foreign tourists.

This note, based on the author’s on-the-spot investigation and experience, introduces brothels in Seoul in detail, including location, price, escort level and personal evaluation.

[A cluster of existing brothels in Seoul]

brothel miaari

Brothel Yeongdeungpo

Brothel Sento

【Characteristics of Seoul brothels】

Korea’s representative nightclub;

Easy to use and suitable for novices;

The price is 70,000-100,000W

[Recommend the following netizens to experience it]

Newbies to overseas nightclubs;

Want to have sex quickly and easily

[The following netizens are not recommended to experience it]

If you want to enjoy the strong sexual services of Korean girls → it is recommended to go to a massage brothel

Seoul brothel usage procedures

The brothels in Seoul are very similar to the window brothels in the Netherlands.

The storefront is equipped with pink neon lights, and ladies wearing sexy clothes stand in the glass windows waiting for customers.

When a customer meets a girl he likes, he confirms the price and then enters the brothel. The procedure is very simple.

Seoul brothel map

Brothels in Seoul (1): Miari

Among the brothels in Seoul, Miari is the most mysterious. The old madam stood in the dark alley soliciting customers.

After attracting the customers, the old madam unlocked the door of the brothel and opened the thick curtain…the ladies sat inside. In other brothel groups, the girls stand inside the glass windows, and customers can look for girls outside. Only the young lady here is sitting in the room.

“Location of Miali Brothel”

Take Metro Line 4 and get off at Jiyin Station. Take Exit 10.

After exiting the station, go straight and you will soon see the curtain on the right hand side. That’s the entrance to the Miari brothel complex.

“The author’s experience in Miaari”

The first brothel the author experienced in Seoul was Miari.

When I opened the curtain, it was extremely quiet inside. Entering the small alley, everything is dilapidated and dilapidated, just like an abandoned city.

The old madam grabbed the author and had to go with her to see the lady.

The lady is no good. The author turned around and was about to leave, but the madam held onto his arm. The old bustard of Miali was very aggressive in soliciting customers. When a customer wants to leave without choosing a girl, they will resort to various tricks such as swearing, blocking the door, pulling arms, etc.

The author visited 5-6 companies and concluded that the quality of the girls was not good.

I didn’t want to look around from house to house, so I chose a girl from one house who seemed to have a gentle attitude.

The madam asked for 100,000 yuan. Seeing the author’s hesitation, he changed his mind and said 90,000 yuan would be fine.

Go to the second floor with the lady.

The room is very small with only one mattress.

As soon as the young lady entered the room, she lit a cigarette. The author thought to himself that today I met Ms. Landmine.

But once you have sex, the service of the escort is good. Although there is no kissing, there is breast licking and condomless oral sex.

After the female top position is combined, she changes to the normal position. The lady is enthusiastic and proactive and has a strong service spirit.

After that, the two of them went downstairs together. The madam gave me a bottle of yogurt.

This sexual intercourse is 90,000 W. It’s hard to say whether the conclusion is good or bad.

“Author’s Evaluation of Miali”

Recommendation: ★★★★★☆☆☆☆☆ (6/10)

The service time is guaranteed to be 30 minutes;

There are breast licking and condomless oral sex services;

The service quality of the lady is good, but the madam is too annoying. When the girl who is not selected wants to leave, the madam will pester her endlessly;

The whole street was shabby, dark and had a bad atmosphere.

Miss level: ★★★★★☆☆☆☆☆ (5/10)

The average level of girls is not high, but if you have enough determination and don’t interfere with the madam, you can find a lovely girl if you look at several houses.

The young lady was sitting there, unable to see her figure clearly.

It is said that there are more than 100 brothels in the area, with a total of more than 400 girls. But some shops are not open. The author confirmed that there are more than 30 in business, and the number of escorts is estimated to be more than 100.


90,000-100,000w in 30 minutes

Brothel cluster in Seoul (2): Yeongdeungpo

Among the three brothel clusters in Seoul, Yeongdeungpo is the smallest, with a total of more than 50 brothels. When the author visited, 80% of the shops were open and there were nearly 100 girls.

If you are already in Seoul, it is worthwhile to visit.

“Location of Yeongdeungpo Brothel Cluster”

Take Subway Line 1 and get off at Yeongdeungpo Station. Take Exit 2.

Go straight and turn left at the corner of the building below.

You will see some cars stuck on the road. move on.

The brothel cluster is just in front of this busy section of road.

“Evaluation of Yeongdeungpo Brothel Cluster”

Author’s recommendation: ★★★★★★☆☆☆☆ (6/10)

You can look for girls through the window, which is easier to use than Miali.

There is no clinging madam.

The service time is 15 minutes, so users with long lasting power may not have enough time.

Although smaller than the other two brothel clusters, it is worth investigating.

Miss level: ★★★★★★☆☆☆☆ (6/10)

The girls in the Yeongdeungpo brothel group are slightly better than Miari.

There are nearly 100 ladies in attendance.


70,000w in 15 minutes

Brothels in Seoul (3): Chido

The Sento brothel group, like Eitopo, also selects girls through the window. The scale is larger than Yeongdeungpo. Therefore, the brothels here are the easiest to exploit and have become popular nightclubs for newcomers.

However, when the author visited, only 50-60 of the total of about 100 brothels were open for business, and the number of girls was about the same as in Yeongdeungpo.

“Location of Sento Brothel Group”

Take Subway Line 5 or 8, get off at Sento Station, and exit from Exit 3.

After exiting the station, go straight. There is a store called Olive Young on the right. There is an intersection in front of it. Turn right there.

Then go straight. When you see the T-shaped road below, turn left.

Entering the small alley, you can see a strange signboard, which is the entrance to the brothel complex.

“Evaluation of the Sento Brothel Group”

Author’s recommendation: ★★★★★★☆☆☆☆ (6/10)

Select girls through the window, easy to use. It is recommended for newcomers to Seoul nightclubs to try this place.

Miss level: ★★★★★★☆☆☆☆ (6/10)

The level of girls is the same as Yeongdeungpo.


80,000W in 20 minutes.

A cluster of brothels on the outskirts of Seoul: Yongjugol

Yongjugol is located dozens of kilometers north of Seoul and only 10 kilometers from the North Korean border.

This brothel group ranks first in size in Seoul. Compared with brothels in the city, the quality of the girls is high and the service quality is good. Highly recommended for inspection experience.

Summary: It is recommended that nightclub novices go to Eitopo and Chido, and netizens who have a unique love for mysterious atmosphere go to Miari

The above introduces the three major brothel districts in Seoul.

[The special surprises of the three major brothel groups]

Brothel Mia Ali: The lady sits in a closed room. The old madam is too clingy and it is difficult to choose the lady;

Brothel Yeongdeungpo: Suitable for beginners to visit

Brothel Sento: Suitable for novices to visit

In the brothel Miaari, it is more troublesome to find girls. If you want to choose a girl at your own pace and leisurely, you should go to the brothel Eitopo or Sento.

If you don’t care about the annoying madam and like mysterious nightclubs, you can go to Miari.

In Seoul’s brothels, you can have sex easily and quickly. If you are in Seoul, it is recommended to visit.

The lady’s level is definitely not high. At first glance, many ladies appear to be in good shape. Upon closer inspection, some have undergone plastic surgery, some are ugly, and some are aunts. But if you visit a few more places, you will always find the girl you like.

I sincerely hope that netizens will have a satisfactory experience in brothels in Seoul by referring to this account.

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