Categories of Bishkek Moonlight Field
1. Brothels
Near Osh Bazaar, there are very cheap brothel clusters, but the quality of the girls is low, and there are no young and lovely girls. Not recommended to go.
2. Street Girl
Negotiating with street girls on the street is very dangerous. The police in Kyrgyzstan are notorious. Even if tourists walk on the street without any suspicious behavior, the police may deliberately find fault and threaten and blackmail tourists; if they see you negotiating prices with street girls, they will never let you go easily. Suggest you go club fishing. I went to a club called Coyote Ugly Bar (Address: 17 Togolok Moldo St, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan) on the weekend. There are many scantily clad women with ambiguous eyes, and you can tell they are wandering warblers at a glance.
3. Escort service
When the guest opens a room in the love hotel, the intermediary will send the lady to your room. In fact, if you go to the sauna, Mommy can also ask the lady to go to your hotel. These ladies are all from the same place.
4. Sauna
Sauna is the fastest and most convenient place to find a lady. At the same time, the benefits of going to the sauna are,
・The price is fixed, no need to bargain;
・The store has colluded with the police, and the police will not come to harass customers;
・Meet and choose a lady, if you are not satisfied, you will be replaced.
All saunas in Bishkek are located on the map linked below. The Bishkek sauna map is very useful. Click on the icon of a certain sauna, and you can see the sauna information such as address and price.
“Recommended Sauna”
【Store Name】 Витязь
・Sex fee: 2500 Som
・Room fee: 740 Som (room fee 500 Som, bed sheet, 2 condoms, 15% service charge)
【Address】 ул.Ибраимова 249 (249 Ibraimov St, Bishkek)

Bishkek Nightclub
【Route to the store】
From the budget hotel Sakura Guest House, walk northeast for 5-10 minutes, and you will see a glass-walled office building on the right side of Ибраимова Street. Turn right and you will see the entrance of the office building. Next to the entrance, is the sauna.
【Reason for recommendation】
Although the room fee is a bit expensive, the waiter is proficient in English, and she can accurately understand the type of lady you like. The waiter’s aunt is Maria, she has blond hair and is slightly fat. In other saunas, the waiters hardly speak English.
Dissatisfied with the lady who sent her, she asked for a replacement. Maria had a gentle attitude and immediately called another lady.
Buy her a drink as a thank you and she will be very happy.
Tips for Finding Lovely Ladies in the Sauna
Girls do not belong to certain fixed saunas, so going to the right sauna does not mean that you will find a good girl. Whether you can find a good lady, the key is to master the time to go to the sauna.
The best time slot is 12:00-15:00. Some girls and their family members lie about going to work, but in fact, they are girls. They wait somewhere, and as soon as the sauna calls, they go to the sauna to meet the visitor. Therefore, during the daytime period, there will be many part-time women from good families with high standards. At night, you’re met with battle-hardened professional whores who know how to deal with men and who have their eyes on your wallet.
Handy mobile app
Within the city of Bishkek, the most popular form of transportation is the fixed-route minivan, which is actually a miniature bus. The service scope covers every corner of the city, and it is very convenient to use. The problem is that there are too many routes, and it is difficult to remember which bus to take. With the app, this problem is solved. Specify your departure and destination, and the app will tell you which bus to take. The app is free to download and can be used offline.
The fare for taking a minivan is 10 Som each time, and you can go to any sauna in the city. And take a taxi in the city center to pay 100-150 Som. If you don’t have time, you can only take a taxi.

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