Cairns nightlife inspection Ma Cai 2021.07

In Australia, the sex industry is a legal industry and all nightclubs are legally operated. In Cairns, located in the North East Queensland region, the most popular nightclubs are erotic massage and strip clubs.   Cairns Nightclub 1: Erotic Massage Oiled Massage Oiled Massage massage parlor not only provides erotic massage, but also provides professional […]

Seoul nightlife information collection Jiaojiao 2018.09


[Main categories of nightclubs in Seoul] Nightclubs that are easy for foreign tourists to use: brothel massage brothel escort service Nightclubs that are difficult to use if you don’t understand Korean: “Nightclub mainly for drinking” Room Salon Full Salon Porn KTV Ordinary karaoke “Nightclub offering sex” rest room apartment brothel “Nightclub where sex is not […]

Seoul Spa MISTER SAUNA & SPA Experience Yaodu 2020.03

korean masturbation

Features of MISTER SAUNA & SPA There are many spas in Seoul, some of which only provide formal massages on the surface, and other services need to be negotiated with the girls; some provide massage and erotic service packages. MISTER SAUNA & SPA belongs to the former. Address: Wongjin-Tower B2, 1573-14 Seocho-Dong, Seocho-Gu, Seoul Spa […]

Survey on the Current Situation of Massage Brothel Sanghanka in Seoul Roselle 2023.01

After 2 and a half years, I inspected the Seoul massage brothel Sanghanka (formerly Donut) again. Since the fourth quarter of last year, South Korea has further relaxed epidemic control. Now, when entering South Korea, you only need to prepare the following documents: Electronic Travel Approval Form [K-ETA] (need to fill in the address of […]

Seoul Massage Brothel Tiffany Experience Lupin 2022.12


Nightclub information Store name: Tiffany Nightclub Type: Massage Brothel Location: Seoul, near Gangnam Subway Station Price: 260,000 won for 60 minutes Official website: TiffanySoap chosen lady Name: YOONA Estimated age: 25-29 years old Bust: E cup Body shape: slim I took the subway and got off at Gangnam Station. After walking for a few minutes, […]

Comprehensive investigation of brothels in Seoul Jiaojiao 2018.09

In many nightclubs in South Korea, customers will be turned away if they do not understand Korean. Not so with brothels, which you can experience even if you don’t speak Korean. Moreover, compared to other nightclubs in Korea, the prices are cheap. Therefore, brothels are very important to foreign tourists. This note, based on the […]

Inspection of Seoul Massage Brothel Dao Roselle 2023.01

Dao is very popular among guests, especially its club packages, which are very popular and well-known throughout the industry. Nightclub Dao website: DaoSoap Address: 90-6, Nonhyeon-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul 90-6 Nonhyun-Dong, Gangnam-Gu, Seoul I went to DAO at noon on Saturday. Dao is near the “Hedong” station of Metro Line 7. Here is the super large […]

Sex experience for 3 people at Castle, a massage brothel in Seoul Lupin 2023.01

“Store Information” Store name: Castle Nightclub Category: Massage Brothel Address: Price: 70 minutes/two sexual intercourses, sex package for 3 people 470,000 won Website: CastleSoap “Girl 1” Name: Areum Estimated age: around 30 years old Bust: D cup Body shape: average “Girls 2” Name:Seven Estimated age: between 30-35 years old Bust: E cup Body shape: […]